HeliCoil Tang Break Off Tools

The driving tangs of HeliCoil inserts must be removed to eliminate their interference with the end of the assembled bolt. Emhart Technologies HeliCoil Tang Break Off Tools are available for use with inserts up to 1/2 and M12 nominal diameter. For sizes larger than these, use long nosed pliers to remove the tang from the HeliCoil Insert. Bend the tang up and down to snap it off at the insert notch.


Manual Tang Break Off Tool

This tool is included in HeliCoil thread repair kits and is extremely simple to use. After installation of the insert, place the manual tang breaker squarely on the tang and give a sharp strike with a hammer.


Automatic Tang Break Off Tool

Recommended for use in high volume production, the HeliCoil Automatic Tang Break Off Tool features a spring loaded, easily triggered punch. When activated, the punch strikes a sharp, uniform blow against the tang of the installed insert, breaking it off cleanly.

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