HeliCoil Hand Installation Tools

For low volume production runs, prototype manufacture, salvage, and thread repair, the use of HeliCoil hand installation tools are recommended. Generally, there are two types – threaded mandrel type and the prewinder type.

The HeliCoil Prewinder Inserting Tool is used with fine pitch inserts as these inserts are proportionately larger in their free state than coarse pitch inserts. HeliCoil fine pitch inserts need to have their diameters reduced before they are installed into the hole. This is accomplished by winding the insert through a set of threads called a prewinder, located at the front of the installation tool.

HeliCoil coarse pitch inserts (and 2-56 and 3-48 inserts) do not require "prewinding", so they can be installed using the Threaded Mandrel Inserting Tool. The threaded mandrel at the front of the tool engages the insert and provides a positive lead to guide the insert into the tapped hole quickly and efficiently. With the threaded mandrel, installing a HeliCoil insert is easy and incidents of 'cross pitching' are minimised.

These HeliCoil Hand Installation Tools will install inserts up to 3 diameters long for thread sizes up to 7/8" UNC & UNF and metric sizes up to M22. Installation Tools for sizes over 1 inch UNC & UNF or M24 will install inserts up to 2 diameters long.


Type I

Threaded Mandrel
Sizes 2-56, 3-48, M2.2

Type II

Prewinder Type
UNC 4-40 to 1/2"
UNF 3-48 to 1/2"
Metric Coarse & Fine M2.5
to M12

Type III

Threaded Mandrel
UNC 1/2" to 9/16"
Metric Coarse M18 to M39

Type IV

Non-Captive Prewinder
UNF 9/16" to 1.1/2"
Metric Coarse M14 & M16
Metric Fine M14 to M39

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